Camaraderie over competition, solidarity over sending, and compassion over cuntery


Do you want to be a part of defining the new rules of snowsports? And be a part of a supportive, come-as-your are crew? Yeah, we do too. Together we can help create a more inclusive community of skiers and snowboarders where we'll high five our successes, hug out our challenges, have some f*ucking fun. Because we deserve to feel good both on and off the mountain.


You're here because you…

::: Love skiing and/or snowboarding 

::: Believe that community is power 

::: Desire a safe and welcoming space

::: Seek a community of inclusive and inspired people  

::: Crave to be celebrated for who you are

::: Want to f**k shit up


Your membership directly supports initiatives that will help to build a more inclusive snowsports community through gear exchanges, scholarships, knowledge sharing, and representation.

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